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Eleven Mukhi (Eleven Faced)

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  This belongs to Eleven Rudra i.e. Lord Hanuman. One who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhi will never get affected by Saturn malefic effects like Saturn Sade Saathi. The wearer has the blessing of Hanuman ji and protected from all the enemies and tantrik effects. If one does not get success in his work, then he should wear this Rudraksha. One who wears this Rudraksha should go to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and Saturday to get more powers to kill every sin in life. It is most effective and most successful Rudraksha. It makes the wearer strong, healthy, wise and free from diseases. It gives the wearer permanent happiness. It has no ruling planet and can be worn in Gold, silver and red thread.This is incarnation of Rudra.It helps in curing ladies diseases and helpful for Santan prapti. It is also helpful in getting adventurous life and all-round success.  Mantra – ‘Om Hreem Hoom Namaha’