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Five Mukhi (Five faced)

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This Rudraksha controls five elements i.e. Prithvi(Earth), Jal(Water), Agni(Fire), Aakash(Sky), Vaayu(Air) in the body of the wearer. It is beneficial in all fields i.e. business, money, intelligence, strength, beauty, devotion to parents, wife, sons and truthful love etc. Wearer of Five Mukhi Rudraksha can bestow his enemies on their knee. Five faced Rudraksha rectifies all the faults of jeeva and makes him pure. Five faced Rudraksha mala wearer gets the peaceful mind and never gets untimely death. It also keeps the blood pressure normal.It is Kalagni swaroop and Rudragana. This type of Rudraksha gives mental peace, normalizes blood pressure, prevent heart diseases, saves from the bad effects of many diseases and helps purification of blood by Jap mala. Ruling Planet – ‘Jupiter’ Mantra – ‘Om Hreem Namaha’