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Four Mukhi (Four Faced)

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This Rudraksha help in getting success in all fields. It represents success in all works and in all the directions. The wearer never accepts his defeat and remains firm on his words. It gives the creative power and provides learning and knowledge. It is helpful to students, scientists, eearchers, artists and writers. Four Mukhi Rudraksha governs logical and concrete structural thinking.It is Brahma Swaroop, by wearing this one’s grasping power, retaining capacity, intelligence and cleverness will increase. It treats certain types of skin diseases. Also, this type of Rudraksha is beneficial for artists, students, scholars, journalists, scientists, writers etc and is taken internally with milk for 21 days for full benefits. It is very useful for doing Bhavishya Vani. One can wear it in a black thin thread. Ruling Planet -‘Mercury’ Mantra -‘Om Hreem Namaha’