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One Mukhi

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It is considered to be most rarest one. Those who wear one mukhi will get riches,prosperity and get their desires fulfilled.This Rudraksha is the symbol of ‘Om’. The followers of Lord Shiva who are poor, if wears this Rudraksha, they would achieve prosperity, happiness and all their desires will get fulfilled in life. It is useful during meditation, when the mind is cool it givers maximum results. The wearer of One Mukhi feels renunciation from the worldly affairs and get inclined towards God. This Rudraksha is most beneficial for Doctors, bureaucrats, Politicians and engineers. One Mukhi is found in two shapes – Round shape and half moon shape which is easily available. Wearer of One Mukhi gets rid of from all the sins in life. 

Ruling Planet– ‘ Sun’
Mantra – ‘Om Hreem Namha’