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Thirteen Mukhi (Thirteen Faced)

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It is incarnation of Lord Indra and Lord Kaamdev. It is helpful in Business, promotions, financial and family happiness. It is worn by Ladies to fulfill their desires (good luck, beauty care etc). One who wear gets all the riches, comforts and fulfill all the desires in family life. This rudraksha belongs to thirteen ratna (gems). The wearer gets the blessing of lord Shiva. This rudraksha removes all kind of diseases from the body. The wearer becomes intelligent, powerful , good spouse ,sons and daughters, and free from all diseases. 13 mukhi rudraksha must be worn on Monday. It gives benefits in all fields. It pleases Lord Cupid (kamdeva) and Lord Indra.

 Ruling Planet – ‘Venus’ Mantra – ‘Om Hreem Namaha’