Yantra was recognized in Vedic Indian culture by Yogis and Sages as a support systems towards a particular purpose. According to Vedas, those who place the Yantra in their home, office and factory with defined procedures, then they can convert all the negativity into positive energy in your life. All the Religions believe in the cosmic ray theory and Yantra works on it. Yantra’s are generally designed in copper or silver plate.

Images of deities are imprinted on th…


Vedic Astha affirm that Rudraksha beads are the Jewels of the gods. It is finding in Purans and Upanishads and believed that the beads grow on Rudraksha trees that have emanated from the tears of Lord Shiva and have been used by Yogis, Saints, Sages since ancient times.

Rudraksha trees are growing in the Northern Indian river plains of the Himalayas to South East Asia (Nepal and Indonesia). It is believe that Rudraksha means Rudra + Aksha ( Rudra(shiva) +Eyes).The single tear from Shiva’s eye grew into the Rudraksha tree and Rudraksha beads have the protection of lord Shiva. 
Most of these trees grow at a certain altitude in the mountains- mainly in the Himalaya reason. They are mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Indonesia and some parts of the south India. 
A real Rudraksha can be recognized by the vibrations felt upon holding it. The body absorbs the positive waves by the Rudraksha and the effect of Rudraksha is felt up to 20 to 30 minutes. Rudraksha are graded similar to semiprecious stones and quality is judged by the size, texture, colour and number of faces ( Mukhis). Rudraksha beads are traded and named in the market depending on the quantity of the beads. The One Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the rarest type, where as Five Mukhi Rudraksha are the most commonly used and available. Fully developed faces are the easiest to count and recognize, but joint faces and partially formed faces create confusion among the people. 
Rudraksha wearing is helpful for people and it is shield against negative energy. Rudraksha beads have varies faces from single to twenty and used for different purposes. 
Rudraksha mala is used for repetitive prayer ( Jap ) in Hinduism and other other faiths. It used for meditation, to sanctify the mind, soul and body. Rudraksha are also used for the treatment of various disease in traditional Indian medicine. Rudraksha wearer gets different types of benefits depending on the Rudraksha faces


Shankh (conch) has played a very important role to remove vaastu dosh (architectural defects) without demolition of the building. Famous Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose did a lot of experiments on Shankh; finally he reached the conclusion and proved the scientific and medical importance of the shankh.
Shankh is of a great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism in India. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu held the Shankh usually in his left upper hand.
A powerful Shankh (conch) helps your home and working place in a way to ensure proper health, wealth and prosperity. According to vaastu shastra, having a Shankh (conch) at home or working place, removes all the negativity of vaastu dosh of the building.

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