About Us

Founder of Vedic Astha Pt. Rajendra Pandey is born in a Brahmin family and post graduated from Varanasi, having full devotion towards BABA VISHWANATH from his childhood. Millions of people have faith (astha) towards BABA VISHWANATH not only in India, overseas too. One day founder of Vedic Astha was enlightened by the blessings of BABA VISHWANATH about the benefits of Vedic divine powers and its effect in people’s life. So he decided to create awareness among the masses about the products that are directly or indirectly related to divine powers and helpful to lead a peaceful life. Several people have faith (Astha) in Vedic Divine powers and they can use them to empower themselves and feel protected from all the woes in life. All the products are blessed by BABA VISHWANATH and we provide you with assured quality and with best possible price. If you purchase the articles from Vedic Astha then you are not only getting the best product but also the blessings of BABA VISHWANATH as one share of your money goes to BABA VISHWANATH and its charity work.